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Beckhoff EL2262 - NEW - solo Per Italia, prezzo con iva inclusa

Beckhoff EL2262 - NEW - solo Per Italia, prezzo con iva inclusa

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EL2262 | EtherCAT Terminal, 2-channel digital output, 24 V DC, 0.5 A, oversampling

The EL2262 digital output terminal connects the binary control output signals at the process level with electrical isolation. The outputs are controlled with an adjustable integral multiple (oversampling factor: n) of the bus cycle frequency (n microcycles per bus cycle). For each bus cycle, the EtherCAT Terminal receives a process data block that is output consecutively. The timebase of the terminal can be synchronized precisely with other EtherCAT devices via distributed clocks. An output pattern with a significantly higher pulse sequence than the bus cycle time is thus output precisely with the system-wide timebase. This procedure enables the temporal resolution of the digital output signals to be increased to n times the bus cycle time. The maximum output rate is 1 Msamples/s.

Special features:

  • push-pull output
  • connection of different load types possible (ohmic, inductive, lamp load)
  • synchronized operation through distributed clocks XFC technology possible
  • multiple sampling of a process data through oversampling
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