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Beckhoff EL1819 - NEW - solo Per Italia, prezzo con iva inclusa

Beckhoff EL1819 - NEW - solo Per Italia, prezzo con iva inclusa

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EL1819 | EtherCAT Terminal, 16-channel digital input, 24 V DC, 10 µs

The EL1819 digital input terminal acquires the binary 24 V control signals from the process level and transmits them, in an electrically isolated form, to the higher-level automation unit. The EtherCAT Terminal has 16 channels, whose signal states are indicated by LEDs. The power contacts are connected through. With the EL1819, the reference ground for all inputs is the 0 V power contact.

Special features:

  • input specification type 1/3
  • low delay due to fast 10 µs input filter
  • usable, for example, for inductive or capacitive sensors
  • tool-free connection by direct plug-in technique for solid wire conductors
  • space-saving use in the control cabinet
  • direct connection of multi-channel sensors in 1-wire connection technology in the smallest space
  • increased packing density with 16 connection points in the housing of a 12 mm terminal block
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